We carry out activities on recycling energy sources, biomass fuel and petrochemical products.

We offer carbon black product groups to the rubber, plastic and paint industry with our activities under the SIRIUS CARBON BLACK brand.

We supply Polyethylene (LDPE) carrier Masterbatch, LDPE granule raw material.

Establishing long-term and close partnerships with producers and refineries in the Gulf regions; We offer Bitumen supply services of all types and grades, such as Bitumen with Penetration Grade (Asphalt), Viscosity Grade (VG) Bitumen, Performance Grade (PG) Bitumen.

We provide high quality pellet and briquette biomass fuel supply service that meets the EN A1 standard made from 100% pine pellets with our activities under the EURASİA PELLET brand.

With the activities of the SIRIUS SOLAR & POWER brand, we produce lighting solutions that work with the project, in street lamps with solar panel LED lighting.